Georgia Brown, R&B/Soul/Club singer with 4 albums released: "Black Nature", "Heart Beats", "The Renascence Of Soul" and "Me & Myself" also holder of 2 records on Guinness Book as: "The Greatest Vocal Range (8 octaves G2/G10)" & "Highest Note G10". Records included on 2006 edition of GUINNESS BOOK page 172, on 2010 edition (Cover left) and on 2012 edition page 10.


Georgia Brown, an Italian Brazilian, started singing when she was seven years old and became a professional musician when she was ten, being approved in a test of the OMB (Organization of Brazilian Musicians).

When she was 15, she toured as a backing vocal to Jorge Ben Jor, one of the greatest MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) singers, in the peak of his career on the "W Brasil Tour".
During these years, she participated in famous contests and festivals such as, "Skol Rock" and "Fest Valda", where she won the Hours-Concours and was contracted by the French multinational company "Pastilhas Valda". In addition to this festival, Georgia won all the contests that she performed at.

Being a self learner, she dedicated herself totally to her voice. As a girl, she decided that music was her future, singing and recording beside the greatest names in the music industry. At the age of 17, she became a musician/producer, composing and arranging her own music in the R&B/Soul Style. She then moved to Oakland, California, U.S.A. where she lived for two years, producing songs and studying audio engineering.

Upon returning to Brazil, she recorded her first self composed album "BLACK NATURE", which premiered on "Programa do Jô" (Globo TV) and later appeared on more than fifty nationally broadcast TV shows, gaining an audience of several million fans. She enticed the TV audience with her exquisite voice so much that she was invited to return due to the great success of her performances. With her pervasive voice, expressive image and charisma, extravagant style, and unique personality with which she left a mark in the Brazilian media in 2001 combined with the success of her album, COMMIT A CRIME, Georgia embarked on her major Hip-Hop/Soul and R&B BLACK NATURE TOUR two years later (2001 - 2002), accruing many fans and making her debut album in Brazil certified as GOLD, selling over 120.000 copies. This album gained wonderful reviews, without even one negative review, from critics of the most respected newspapers and magazines in Brazil resulting in numerous interviews. Outside her country´s traditional musical style and singing only in English, Georgia expanded her work to foreign countries.

During her first album's tour, as the musician/producer, playing the keyboards and sample programming, she was invited by a famous Brazilian old school soul band 'BLACK RIO' to produce two songs, "Carrossel" and "Nova Guanabara" for their album, Movimento. With Patife's first album Cool Steps released in 2001, she made her first grand entrance to the club scene. In 2003, she started her international musical embarkation with the musically rich single "Forgiven", a sensational Drum ‘N’ Bass song, praised by unanimous opinion by respected specialists of this genre. The song, "Forgiven", was also a hit, remixed by famous DJ's such as DJ Patife who produced a different remix in the R&B style to add to the playlist on his album "Na Estrada", released in 2005. With the support of radio and club DJ's, the song was a hit in the clubs and radios around the world, being #1 on the Top 10 on the electronic music charts. Perfect Drum N' Bass partnerships were formed with DJ's for the launch of the singles "Deeper" by Georgia Brown and Producer XRS and "Red Light" by Georgia Brown and Producers DJ Marky & XRS in England. Georgia Brown licensed songs for famous compilations such as, AMP MTV 2, with the track "I Need U" by Georgia Brown & the Cosmonautics, Jóia 3 Chill Out and Lounge by Luciano Huck, with the track "Lover Street" by G. Brown Bossa Nova Mix and others.

Georgia Brown, the singer, songwriter, musical director, producer, musician (piano, keyboards, guitar, saxophone, drums) and sound engineer (recording, mixing and mastering - analog/digital), gained her experience in the USA, spending two years between concerts and studios, producing, composing, playing instruments, and mixing her second album in the same way as she did in "Black Nature". In 2004, she released HEART BEATS, an original album full of concepts, innovation, and dare with her musical style showing several vocal and instrumental techniques, mixed with the accelerated DnB beat with the melody and the harmony of R&B. With this album, she created a new kind of electronic music, D’N’B/Soul, and with these characteristics, Georgia Brown went PLATINUM with over 300,000 copies sold, touring in Europe, USA, Asia, and Brazil. On the HEART BEATS WORLD TOUR 2003/2006 in "Live PA" format, Georgia sang her new set list and her others hits with DJ's and remixes such as "Commit a Crime", "Lost Love", and"Hold on".

In 2004, Georgia Brown broke Mariah Carey's vocal record on GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS and received her certificate for her two records, "World's Greatest Vocal range "G2/G10 - 8 octaves" and "World's Highest Note "G10" which were published two years later. Georgia also had her records registered on RANK BRASIL RECORDES, singing in nine different octaves and eight complete octaves recorded by a professional music team that said, "Georgia is a phenomenon. Her vocal cords extend beyond human and animal detection limits and her notes are higher than the highest note produced by any natural or electronic musical instrument. Her notes can only be measured by a "frequency measurement device".

In 2005, Georgia Brown, an expert in vocal techniques, also released the first volume of her Vocal Techniques Video Class on DVD, a best seller (selling over 20,000 copies), singing her vocal techniques, "A Maior Voz do Mundo – A Revolução do Canto Vol.1 (World´s Greatest Voice)".

Since her records were published in the Guinness Book of World Records (2006 edition - page 172) due to her incredible vocal range, Georgia Brown started invitations to interviews and to perform on TV Shows in Japan, Korea, Brazil ,and various European countries.

After two years recording in the studio, Georgia Brown released "THE RENASCENCE OF SOUL" in 2008. Her third album possesses purer sonority with perfect frequencies and tranquility and can be compared to the best recorded and produced albums, in regards to quality and high technology. Top US and Brazilian musical artists such as, Arthur Maia, Claudio Rosa, Marcelo Mariano, Bororó, Hulk Pontes, João Castilho, Fernando Vidal, Edson Jr, José Antônio, Nelson Jr, Ricardo Leão, Lincoln Lyra, Serginho Trombone, Marcio Montarrojos, Alex Guedes, Pollyanna Penna, Carl Gardner Jr., and Giovani Bruno were invited to collaborate on the album. Classified as International African American Music, the specific genre of this CD is R&B/Soul, released in physical and digital format by her own label WGM Music Entertainment., with distribution in web stores.

In 2009, DJ/Producers remixed Georgia Brown's songs when she became a diva of the Tribal House scene. The potency of her voice, in synchronicity with the pick-ups of the Top House Music DJ's, resulted in another project of electronic music. The original track "Loneliness" featured on the album THE RENASCENCE OF SOUL, remixed by Allan Natal, was #1 on the Top 10 list for three months on Mexico´s most renowned electronic music radio station, BEAT 100.9 FM. The song was also a hit in Brazil which Georgia Brown performed in clubs and at major parties and top events. Many people have watched her TO DA FLOOR TOUR 2009. Georgia’s presence causes an impact and in her concerts, she sings songs of the world's greatest divas of which she exclusively used one of these impressing performances in HOUSE REMIXES, an album produced by the world's top producers.

Searching for a harder kind of sound and looking for a House Tribal producer able to arrange a new type of production, HytraxX was choosen. In 2010, Georgia Brown released the track, "Love 4 Real". When the original track was out, the Tribal House scene was transformed. Released by the Mexican label, Bearlin Records, the single was #1 for one month and a best seller on Masterbeat's Top 10 list. In the clubs, "Love 4 Real" became an anthem.

"The African American voice from a white woman with killer red hair" always amazes everyone in every performance. "The Guinness World Records Singer", the nickname by which she is recognized because of her highest and lowest notes that can make anyone shiver. On THE LOVE 4 REAL TOUR, the Queen of High Notes sings clearer than ever, making her a phenomenon not only because she possesses the greatest vocal range in the world, but also proves that she is a REAL SINGER.